Collaborating with Adobe all year, when the "I am the new Creative" campaign came about, SUPERVIXEN were keen to create a self portrait of their own to contribute to the growing collection on the Adobe website.

However, we are a motion company, and there's more than a single core member of the team. Though we were never actually told we could do a motion piece with multiple people for this, we went ahead and did it anyway.


The aim was to create a piece that would be stopped at any point to create a still image that looks interesting.


The initial idea focused on the core skills and preferences of each of the team, Dan has the more organic and artistic treatment, where as Morten has a more technical, abstract treatment, a kind of analogue vs digital theme.

Given the short time allotted for this, after hours we shot various takes of various motions for the two sets of animations.

At this point, aside from head / facial tracking, we were still somewhat vague on the final execution style/elements we were going to use.

After making some selects, we began tracking them in PFTrack, a relatively new tool for us, which ultimately decided on which shots we would use as some shots were tracked better than others.


For the robotic designs, we fixed a kind of helmet to the tracking data and projected 2D animations over it, this was a natural and fluid process, some working better than others.

The geometry was simple, and the animations were simple, though together they created a complex interweaved design that was used in the final composition.


From these frames we reworked all the elements into higher res paintings for Adobe, as they requested initially. In these frames we captured the key moments from the animation that depict the feel of each style.

Edited and composited in After effects, to simplify the process, we used minimal software.

For Audio, In the end we tied it all together using a recut version of "Light Up Bright Fires" by PVT.


Ian Johnson

Moffitt Moffitt


Daniel Bavell
Morten Rowley