Creative Instinct

Being sponsored by ADOBE allows us to create random acts of creativity from time to time for self promotion purposes. In this case, we created a motion piece that was to be completed within 2 Days and with 1 Application. This application was ADOBE After Effects. 

To help create something involving 3D objects, we used a plug in app called 3D Element from Video Copilot. As is was our first time using it... .. lets just say, it was a crash course.


The theme for this motion piece was Creative Instinct (a theme carried on from our work as an Affector) and 1 of a few motion pieces we have created through out our sponsorship. So what better way to test our creative instinct by setting a difficult and real world deadline. 2 Days, 1 App. Restrictions forge creativity.

The song used for this piece was 'Insides' by the great Jon Hopkins.