In the lead up to launching their new online banking service, the BT Financial Group ran workshops to educate their staff and affiliates about what to expect from the final product. The way in which they chose to do this was through an introspective movie this new service. This service is called BT Panorama.


Moffitt Moffitt were tasked with the difficult job of explaining the service as plainly as possible, while keeping the audience focused and entertained enough to acquire an understanding of an unprecedented idea for a new form of financial organisation on a grand scale.

Along side the branding elements, the team at SUPERVIXEN were asked to contribute an animation to set up the promise of the service, as an emotive, inspiring prelude to the more technical aspects of the project.


Supervixen worked through understanding the concept, and with Moffitt & Moffitt were able to create a stylised aesthetic that tied back to the branding colour palette, and the horizontal bar device that became the base for a story board that encompassed the type and the concepts into metaphors that linked seamlessly to each other over the duration of the animation.

Along with the motion came the opportunity to work in a score composed by Rajan Kamahl, who also set the mood with subtle audio effects to help convey the visuals. 


Production Studio:

Moffitt Moffitt

Audio/Music Composer:
Rajan Kamahl

BT Financial Group

Daniel Bavell
Morten Rowley

Ian Johnson