BT Panorama

Due to the success of the work done for the BT Panorama Trade Show in 2014, Supervixen has been creating content for the BT Financial Group ever since. This page covers a collection of work created between the years of 2015/18.

Over the past 5 years, Supervixen teamed up with the creative agency MoffittMoffit to create a series of motion content for BT Financial Group’s latest product BT Panorama.

BT Panorama is a global first wealth management operating system that is designed to take the confusion out of traditional finance management and house everything in to one holistic financial landscape.

For this body of work, it was important for us to in-still a sense of lifestyle and growth through aspirational imagery that captures the benefits of using the BT Panorama while also showcasing the product as it is used in various smart devices.


BT Financial Group




Ian Johnson


Moffitt Moffitt