An interactive user experience for BT Financial Group's roadshow event. We took the challenge of adopting our film and television expertise and mixing it with the new technologies of virtual reality.


BT Panorama is BT Financial Group's wealth management system. It gives investors and advisors one interface to manage all aspects of finance. We were tasked to give the viewer an immersive, 360 degree view of a stylised world in which we can see a brief description of the service, using completely created worlds to visualise the dialogue, and at the same time grounding it in the reality that is the web interface itself, as a seamless tour of the service.


Viewed in either a VR Headset such as the Google Daydream, the audience has the ability to look in any direction, taking in the vast expanses of the imagined worlds. This was a challenging aspect of the design as, though metaphorical, we needed to direct the viewer towards specific items that correlated to the voice over. For this we decided in a constant move forward, this created the illusion of travelling, and with our natural instinct to look forward it was easier to keep all the key elements right in front of the viewer.

The final output was used in the 2017 BT Next road show, a conference that tours Australia for investors to get an insight into the latest trends and topics of the financial world. In the form of a headset and tablet demonstration, we were able to encapsulate the experience in a downloadable iOs and Android App for ease of update and distribution.


Ian Johnson

George Psomas
Ashley Ross
Lars Magnus Holmgren

Production Studio:

BT Financial Group

Moffitt Moffitt

Morten Rowley
Daniel Bavell