Not Like Clockwork

Working with our new friends The Brand Agency, SUPERVIXEN created a VFX/Shoot TVC highlighting the dangers of drinking among teenagers. 


"As most creatives will tell you, it's very rare that a commercial ends up anywhere close to the vision that you first had in your head. It's just the nature of what we do and how hard it is to truly realise an idea…particularly with CGI as it's a slow process with many people involved. 

With the Drug and Alcohol 'Cogs' spot we did with SUPERVIXEN I can say, without hesitation, that the end result was exactly what we had imagined…probably even better. 

Before we worked with the guys I'd never heard of Vixen…I simply started searching CGI houses in Australia and was blown away by Vixen's reel. I thought their name was pretty cool too. They absolutely nailed the treatment, were spot on with the dollars and away we went.

The process was incredibly precise and we were involved in every single step. The guys are great listeners too. Sometimes it can be hard to articulate what you're after but Daniel and the whole team were fantastic at working out what it is the creatives want.

They were fantastic with client feedback too. Working with Government clients can be tricky, particularly with subject matter as sensitive as teenagers and alcohol but SUPERVIXEN showed incredible patience and professionalism at all times. The timeframe was tight too which put additional pressure on but Vixen delivered with a couple of days to spare. Can't wait to work with these boys again!"

Craig Buchanan, Creative, The Brand Agency, Perth.

From the outset, we knew we were in our element with this project. Dark, moody, somewhat abstract and completely mechanical. A certain aesthetic was needed to communicate the message from the voice over, and we knew what needed to be done to get it in the right place.

We have a particular liking for all these elements, and knew almost before we started, exactly how the end result would look. The concept was solid, to represent the brain as a highly detailed and intricate machine that can be damaged if an outside force was introduced. In this case, it was alcohol, and the machine, was inside a young persons head.

Our treatment document was extensive, detailing down to the finest detail everything from the range of machine parts, to the lighting movement and timings of the live action shoot. We detailed the talent we wanted and the wardrobe we though would work for the scene.

This gave us the advantage of being able to plan ...


By representing the human brain as an infinite world of precise clockwork, SUPERVIXEN STUDIOS supplied an artistic interpretation of the damage that is caused by alcohol.

The following movie is a 'Making Of' featurette outlining the stages of creating a TVC like this.


The Brand Agency

Agency Creatives:
Garry Horner
Craig Buchanan

Morten Rowley
Daniel Bavell

Ian Johnson


Director Of Photography:
Mick jones

Production Company:

Bertrand Polivka

Music & Sound Composure:
Rajan Kamahl