Art direction for title credits and promotional material for the Australia feature film Dying Breed. The producers wanted two different campaigns to run for the films release, one tailored to the horror film fan and one tailored to the thriller genre fan. The following work shows both of these approaches.


The Blood Line

The first approach was one that was based core storyline of the film. Spoiler alert,as much as the film features cannibalism and all the juicy bits surrounding that subject, the core storyline is fundamentally based around maintaining a pure bloodline in an area that has minimal human interactions. 

This said, we worked closely with Droga 5 to create a campaigned based around around the Bloodline graphic. This was then carried through to the title sequence and poster art and even further by Droga 5 for all other PR roll outs.


That Bloody Meat Pie

This is second approach, and it's a far gorier approach. Admittedly this idea was born in the pub across the road at the time after a few pints. Essentially the point was to create a hard hitting and iconic image that impacted (and sometimes divided) the local market thus stirring publicity.

An example of the publics reaction can be seen here.


This was one of the final approved posters that was disapproved by the public.


Omnilab Media

Titles Design:
Daniel Bavell

Droga 5

Michael Boughen

Production Studio:
The LaB Sydney