Elan skateboards

Australian label, Élan Skateboards, began working with us on the creation of board graphics back in 2008, the first commission being a limited edition one off design that then became a regular event, with SVPERVIXEN covering all of Élans design work, from individual board designs, motion graphics, apparel and web content since.


The Start

Searching for artists to create a series of limited edition board designs, Élan founder Andy Walker found an old illustration online that led him to our work. After some to and fro introductory emails, we were more than keen to help out. We are often approached by for this kind of work and unfortunately other commercial work often wins out for various reasons, but as they were a serious label, with a strong DIY ethos, we were more than happy to bring our work to Élan.


The Future

From the outset, Supervixen saw their involvement with Élan and their merchandise extending beyond merely the visuals on their boards, and began working with Élan on wheel designs, stickers, t shirt designs, tape and truck graphics, all unified in look book for retail vendors, all designed with Supervixen.

The idea was to unify the look and feel of the brand, to keep the standards high and to stand out from the existing labels. 

Each "season" brings with it a new angle, new themes and styles, some series re-emerge with new twists and new additions to the ´Elan lineup call for new concepts. As the Skateboarding industry changes with innovative materials, new tricks, new trends, we plan on catering to the demand, and pushing as much new creative as we can, so that Élan will stand out from the others on the rack, and continue to be one of Australia's Leading skate labels.

For all things Élan, head over to their website and pick up some boards while you're at it!