A documentary on pork, beef and chicken


Making sense of the meat industry

Australians are the second biggest meat eaters in the world.

This 3 part series documenting the realities of the meat industry, consumer culture regarding meat consumption, and the treatment of animals in farming for meat production.

Hosted by celebrity Mathew Evans and produced by Essential Media for SBS, Supervixen worked closely with friends at Yolo and were tasked with creating a strong visual identity for the show, including infographics, converting statistics into easy to understand imagery.

Angle 45 - Cover Closed.jpg
Angle 90 - Inside 1.jpg
Angle 90 - Inside 1 copy copy.jpg

The paper textures throughout the design work was practically filmed. All  type, animals and infographics were hand animated frame by frame to keep the practical look and feel consistent.


All screen graphics were animated according to the guidelines set out at the beginning of the project, making the process of assembling a consistently branded show across 3 episodes a much easier task.