Positive reception to the "Bagman" short film by directors Josh and Jon Baker led to the development of the feature length film "KIN".


Expanding on the setting of the original short KIN is a story loosely revolving around a weapon of unknown origin falling into the hands of a capable, but otherwise unremarkable boy, and the wayward direction the characters spiral out from.


Initially the brief was to re-imagine the weapon we designed for the short, but also keep the style in the same world.

Distinctly more "rag tag", second hand, and rebel force like, this side were more high tech guerrilla garments and weapons than well funded cutting edge military. Despite being from another place and time where the technology is far more advanced than current day armies.


And then there was the opposing force. A sleeker, more highly funded military force. Smoother lines, more uniform in appearance, essentially, the opposite to guerilla.

The screen play called for two distinct sides of a conflict that never actually has screen time, but the aftermath of a battle does appear for one scene. For this the two sides needed distinctly different aesthetics.

We were in charge of designing the "cleaners" side. That is to say, the side that ultimately ends up perusing the hero characters in the film, and play a role in the films finale.


Working from the original design as a baseline, we moved in all directions, keeping in mind what we learnt from it being a physical object that has moving parts.

For the original gun we created physical cutout models and immediately realized the importance of hand comfort, balance, and control ergonomics.

This time around we had a head start from previous experience and created designs based around the human hands, then practicality, then lastly style.

This immediately updated the look and feel of all the designs with a more practical, and consistent design approach.


Josh Baker
Jon Baker

Jeff Arkuss

21 Laps

Design Direction:
Morten Rowley
Daniel Bavell

Design Studio: