Mirvac Foreshore Apartments

Mirvac needed a new motion piece to show off their upcoming Foreshore apartments for cinema release. The brief required us to showcase the new Mirvac Foreshore apartments without showcasing the new Mirvac Foreshore Apartments. Yes, you read that correctly.

Even though the apartments were yet to be built, SVPERVIXEN came up with a creative solution by creating a suggestion of an apartments space without actually showing the final build. 

The Shoot

Below is a gallery of the shoot that took place in SVPERVIXEN HQ. With a simple set up, we shot talent in-house as we planned to rotoscope all the shots as well as shot all the ink elements in a water tank as well as on wet paper.

This method was used to create a toolkit of ink animations that will help inject a sense of life and motion to the environment as it builds around our hero character.







Production Studio: