Semi Permanent 2011

Semi Permanent is the biggest design and creative conference on the planet.

For the 2011 Sydney conference opener, the Semi Permanent organisers approached SVPERVIXEN to develop an intro piece completely different to any other, given the tight turn around, and limited resources at such short notice, SVPERVIXEN set out to get an otherworldly titles design centred around the key element of the conference, the box and it's contrasting colour pallette.

Initial inspiration for the style of the piece was taken from the inherent colour of the events. Each city had a colour assigned to it, red, green blue etc.. the only colour left out was yellow. This was taken as the universal colour we would use to represent all the events in the one animation.

Story wise, we chose to represent the conference as the strange ominous entity that it is, coming in from far away, traversing the landscape, and then planting itself firmly in the town in end up in. Much the way it is in reality.

The geometric landscape and stark environment were both a stylistic decision and a practical one. The landscape is mostly procedural, and abstract enough that we could create the large areas needed to fly across in the opening of the short.

 Initial style frames done in photoshop

Initial style frames done in photoshop

The geometry was simple, but the shading and textures took some time to render. Deciding on a dull gloss for all the elements of the world became taxing to render, at least, given the tight turn around.

Extra design elements were created and animated such as the Schematic texturing that covered the entire surface of the world, and the HUD that is shown from the perspective of inside the cube.

Using Autodesk 3Ds Max, and Adobe After effects for compositing, the entire project was completed from initial brief to final output in a little over 2 weeks. 

And of course, Supervixen took the stage on Saturday, speaking about their work and ethos to a 3000+ strong crowd. As the first stage appearance as SVPERVIXEN, they didn't disappoint. Crowds flocked to the stage when Supervixen offered out skateboards to those brave enough to answer questions, and at the end, a virtual mosh pit ensued as the crowds swarmed over Élan stickers Supervixen spread out over the stage.

Semi Permanent


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