The Boy main title sequence


Although simple in execution, the Boy as a feature and as a main titles project presented itself as a challenge in numerous way. 

The largest challenge was regarding the titles was to create a main title reveal that summed up the concept of the film in 10 seconds without giving the plot away.


Taking queues from the production design of the film, the scene is a simple time-lapse of daylight passing over ornate wallpaper. As the light passes by, the 'Boy' type begins the capture the light and reveal itself. 

The idea was to create a sequence that shows that the type 'The Boy' was always there in the back ground.




Another challenge in this film was to create a mask for our villain, Brams. The mask was an asset that covered the burn masks Brams received as a child. 

Although our mask designs did not make it to the final film, our early concepts can be seen below.