The Vatican Tapes was a film job for us like no other we have done to date. The project involved creating an opening prologue edit, various GFX/VFX shots and a Main On End sequence as well. This was an opportunity to create a solid package for a film from start to finish. A project we have been dreaming of since we started in this industry.


Main On End Credit Sequence

To create the MOE we focussed on a series of biblical texts that highlight the sub-plot of the film. Following this lead, we created a strong, type-based environment to reinforce the story. Adapting imagery within this area was achieved by using the abstract nature of letters to window scenes and iconography.


The Opening Prologue

The opening prologue of the film. As parts of the film's story was in review, we needed to create ideas and solutions that were modular and adaptable to the minor pushes and pulls that were taking place as the film was refining its conception. 

A large part of the prologues identity was based off the unique glitches, scratches and signatures in film throughout the century. To recreate a lot of these elements, we fed scenes through old 80's video players and security cameras so we could interfere with the transmissions, causing authentic glitches on screen.


Lakeshore Entertainment

Titles & VFX Direction:
Daniel Bavell
Morten Rowley

Ian Johnson


Mark Neveldine

Executive Producer:
James McQuaide

Production Studio: