SUPERVIXEN were approached by The LaB Sydney to help create the Main On End titles sequence for the recreation of John Marsden’s famous novel Tomorrow When The War Began.


For this job, SUPERVIXEN was invited in to bring like to the style frames created by our friend and LaB Sydney designer Scott Geersen. To do this, we provided the art direction, design work, illustration, animation and co-direction to create a unique, stylised and iconic melting pot of mixed mediums that come together to recreate the films narrative.

In creating this piece, we under went many stages of art creation that seamlessly come together to create this eclectic melting pot of animation and art. All of the environments were re-created as water colour paintings that were scanned in a broken up into 3D space. This method allowed our cameras to achieve the parallax needed to blend with our 3D assets.

Many of the explosions, fighter jet and missile trails were created by filming an eye dropper releasing ink onto a wet page or even into a bowl of water. The intent of this was to create a series of elements that would act as middle ground between painted environments and the 3D assets within those scenes, hence binding the project together visually.


Omnilab Media/Ambience Entertainment

Titles Designers:
Morten Rowley
Daniel Bavell
Scott Geersen

Additional Designers:
Daniel Balzer
Jessica Morgan


Executive Producer:
Andrew Mason

Production Studio:

Prue Fletcher
Jayne Herrmann