Underworld: Blood Wars

Underworld: Blood Wars is the fifth instalment in the Underworld series created by Lakeshore Entertainment and a legacy within the film industry that we are very proud to be a part of.

This project was one that had numerous creative hats required within it. This creative covered everything from both Titles and Main On End to VFX design and execution for the Genetic Memory sequences. Additional creative direction and set design was needed throughout the project.


The task around the opening prologue was to create an edit that covered the backstory of Selene’s life as a Death Dealer. This involved mining footage from the previous films to create an edit that seamlessly worked with new footage that was shot to cover all plot points needed to set up the film’s overall narrative. 

The final prologue was constructed through the collaboration with  the studio VFX Editor and extraordinarily talented Susan E Kim.
Check her work out!


Genetic Memories:

The Genetic Memories are a series of visions that a Lycan or Vampire may have that can be read through the blood stream by other Vampires. In the Underworld series, it is an iconic story device used throughout this world. 

Over the years, each film instalment had a similar but not exact treatment of what this genetic memory looked like. Mostly due to the fact that some memories were Lycan and some were Vampire. Our job was to unite these memories. To do this, we had to create a VFX style that worked of what each preceding memory had in terms of style and find a way to blend that with new material to create a cohesive albeit turbulent visual language.

 Early concept frames created during the inception of the Underworld: Blood Wars prologue.

Early concept frames created during the inception of the Underworld: Blood Wars prologue.

Lakeshore Entertainment

Titles & VFX Direction:
Daniel Bavell
Morten Rowley

Ian Johnson


Visual Effects Editor:
Susan E Kim

Production Studio: